I am a plant biologist, with emphasis on meiosis and meiotic recombination in plant male meiosis, now add aspects from the female side of gametogenesis, and embryogenesis, and also ventured into studying photomorphogenesis due to UV-B. What connects some of these seemingly different areas is the involvement of DNA repair factors, my PhD topic, and their basis in chromosome dynamics. I am interested in bridging disciplines and eventually adding more applied aspects towards plant breeding. I utilize my broad repertoire of skills in molecular biology, cell biology and bioinformatics to pursue fundamental and applied research directions, and am always curious to find out even more and dive into new areas.

I love all aspects of my academic job –

  • designing projects,
  • digging into literature,
  • experimenting and producing data in the laboratory,
  • discovering novel aspects when analyzing data,
  • writing it up,

and especially training and guiding others in doing all of the above, giving my knowledge and experience on through teaching and mentoring.

 Latest updates:

New position in Regensburg

I just started another position, of the postdoc-transitioning-to-groupleader kind. It feels like the perfect fit, and the environment and equipment could not be any better: It’s in the Department of Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry, headed by Prof. Thomas Dresselhaus, and with one focus on Maize Reproduction. I am truly excited about joining there and look forward to how this will develop.

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