Since July 2021, I am academic coordinator regarding two Master Programs, TMR (Translational Medical Research) and IMIM (International Master in Innovative Medicine, EU ERASMUS program).

This is a perfect fit for me, my skills and motivation, since I have a deep passion for teaching and supporting students in their personal and professional development.

If you know me as a researcher, this is still a part of me, and there might be occasional publications or conference visits, but I am happy to have found an alternative path that is better for juggling work and family.


 Latest update:

New position in Mannheim (Career change!)

After difficult 1.5 years of pandemic, juggling family and science, I desperately needed a change and had the luck to find the best fit for myself, so I did not “go away” from something but rather “went towards” something else.

Now, I am Academic Coordinator for the Master Programs TMR and IMIM in Mannheim (University of Heidelberg). I already feel happy in that job.

Weirdly, everything in Regensburg (apart from the pandemic of course) was going really great, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and time I had there. I also won’t drop the research ball right away – there is still a Master Student to supervise and an acquired grant to support – for now as my leisure activity :-).

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